Sunday, April 8, 2012


Today clothing doesn't carry its significance only as protection from
external elements, it's not only reflecting social changes or
differences between social statuses. It is something that overcame
its initial function and rose as pure aesthetic fact.

Through my clothing sometimes I'm expressing the need to socialize and
sometimes I want to isolate myself from society, wanting the others to
understand me in both cases. Strong nonverbal aspect of communication
that clothing holds made me think what kind of message my dressing
sends out to world, what am I saying about myself.  It is a medium
through which I speak about my daily activities, but most importantly
my moods and emotions. And of course there is always a question will
the others react to it and how will they react. Is it possible at all
that they perceive me through clothes exactly the way I want them to?

Nikolina: tunic and vest Zara, skirt H&M, boots Zara
Photos: Erik Simonič


  1. Krasne fotke, kot vedno! Pa lajkam novo frizuro =)

    1. Klemen, hvala. hm, ta frizura zahteva polovico flaske gela za lase, vsaj kar se mojih las tice :(

  2. ej, brez besed... vzelo dih... sploh prva in zadnja slika, omajgad!!!
    ta telovnik je prelep, se najbolj ko ga imas obrnjenga nazaj. vmes mi pa ni bla jasna luknja na sredini... :)

    1. ta telovnik je dokaj ploskovita zadeva in sem hotela nekako dosezt ucinek draparije na nekoliko deformiran nacin. v bistvu sem se igrala in obracala telovnik z nekonvencionalnim pristopom in tako zelela namignit urski, da mi sesije kaj takega. ma me ignorira :)

      communication interrupted...

  3. Replies
    1. :) ves, da se bojim srecanja s tabo. hehe. se posebej ko gledam tisto mapo v db - sraufu glavo.

  4. Speachless! Super fotke, super model, super styling...


  5. *.* wauuu! usec mi je asimetrija :)

  6. I really appreciate your compliments!

  7. i like the avant garde look achieved with hi street brands.