Sunday, August 28, 2011


Now, when I look at these photos, I'm sweating like a menopausal lady. I cannot wait again for 18 degrees Celsium to put on my favorite vintage blazer, which still smells of mothballs. I bought it with Urška at some second hand store where she found a trench. She looks stunning like Michelle of the French Resistance (Allo Allo). I made a few photos of Urška wearing it, but she refuses the idea of posting them on this blog. Urška, please let me publish the photos.

Nikolina: blazer vintage, dress and shirt TOPSHOP
Photos: Jan Dragan

Friday, August 19, 2011


Here I am all grunged-up in worn out clothes, wearing a washed blue color of sadness, waiting for my Last kiss from Eddie Wedder that I missed in Ljubljana eleven years ago. I wish I could turn back time and saw that Pearl Jam concert. As consolation I got me a Live CD.
But I guess this photos make me thing of the years when grunge was so popular and reminde me of Pearl Jam. Or maybe it was the fact that me and my mother made 20 jars of jam today that made me think of them.

Urška: shirt H&M, dress Only, boots Zara
Photos: Erik Simonič

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Honestly speaking: I always like to go to the northern countries with the intent to take a break of domestic kitsch.
I love their clearance, sophisticated simplicity, sense of aesthetics in every way, timelessness in design,
voice of reason when it comes to the issue of redundancy.Two weeks of intensive cleaning of all trash that my brain has absorbed through the year.

Nikolina: pants and t-shirt Zara, cardigan H&M
Photos: Erik Simonič

Monday, August 1, 2011


I think I'm obsessed with fluttering pieces of clothing. This skirt is not my biggest oh and ah. I bought it just because it acts magical in the wind. Ok, ok I'm ready for the hospital. Rehab. Take me away.

Nikolina: skirt Zara, shirt and sunglasses TOPSHOP, belt Promod
Photos: Jan Dragan