Monday, November 28, 2011


Apparently this winter is a man look for me. No skirts, no curves (like I have any), just very maschuline pants and shirts. I even took a habit from Nikolina to go wondering around men corners of the shop to look for some clothes. I am still trying to figure out what influences my way of dressing. Last year it was very girlish. This year don't show me skirts, I want strickt  pants and raw boots. Maybe it's all about choosing a suitable shell for a certain period of time.

Urška: jeans QS by s.Oliver, shirt by Urška, cardigan Pull&Bear, shoes Cube
Photos: Erik Simonič

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hello Danny!
Come play with us!
Come play with us, Danny!
For ever
And ever
And ever!
                        (quote from the movie The Shining)

We found this ravaged military building in the woods. The first room was quite bright, white walls, enough light. We made some shoots there. Then we found another room in the same building. It had an entrance in the woods and it was very dark and small and narrow. It didin't have a good vibe to it. When we walked into the room, we felt discomfort. During shooting, me and Nikolina were looking over our shoulders just in case someone was behind us, like some presence in the silence of the room. Remember in the movie »The Shining«, there was a force in the hotel called »shine« with memories, not all of which were good!? The whole place and energy of the place reminded us of that. And with the day slowly ending, it was getting dark and with darkness the room was getting smaller and smaller - claustrophobic terror!?
Well, Erik didnt feel anything and me and Nikolina, well, we have to stop watching horror movies because our imagination has no bounderies.

Nikolina: blouse vintage from Irena's grandfather, sweater, skirt and trousers H&M, shoes Biaggini
Urška: blouse, sweater and trousers H&M, shoes Cube
Photos: Erik Simonič

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Two young, well behaved, hard working peasant girls looking for two young, well behaved, hard working farmers with a big farm and large fields :)

Urška: shirt Pull & Bear, skirt Promod, sweater and headband H&M, boots CUBE
Nikolina: t-shirt Urban Outfitters, skirt Promod, shoes Biaggini
Photos: Erik Simonič