Friday, June 15, 2012


Here I am again trying to look like Patti. Not trying, just liking this look so much. And feeling so good in clothes that have an absolute absence  of colors, looking like they've been washed at 90 degrees in a washingmascine for hundred times. With my hair all Keith Richards style, my face looking like I' ve been up for 10 days without sleep. The look that says I don't give a damn obout your expectations  of how I should look in your fucked up society. It's from people like Patti and rok'n'roll fellows like Keith that I learned to be  the way I feel to be and to Go your own way like the Fleetwood Mac song says.  That is why I feel so close to the androgynous »give me some money« look. It just doesn't answer questions to society or it doesn't give the expected ones.

Urška:  shirt H&M
            Tom Waits t-shirt (internet store)
            Jeans  Bershka
            Vest Zara
            Shoes H&M

Photos: Erik Simonič