Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I often walk these steps and I realise that they make me think of
breaking their geometry and trying to be in harmony with them at the
same time. I could say that I dressed the way I dressed only because
of them. Sometimes I go with something minimal, pure lines and
androgynous look and other times I turn to excessive drapery and
femininity, but never being able to tune in with them. Finally, one
Sunday in Urska's boxes filled with textiles I found this forgotten
piece waiting to become a shirt.

Suddenly, I remembered Yamamoto's 1994.-1995. Autumn/Winter collection
which was inspired by kimono. Oh yes, I want my kimono. To use
japanese vizual heritage and to wrap this right shade of grey with
some black. It immediatelly made me think about harmony and steps,
that I said loudly: "Urska, I must go on these steps.  Call Erik".

Nikolina: cross-over drape top COS, dress an attempt to improvise, slip-on TOPSHOP
Photos: Erik Simonič

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Urška: shirt by me
            shirt Stradivarius
            vest H&M and »tie« H&M
            trousers Zara
            shoes Blowfish
            coat Mura vintage
Behind me:  original G-64/HU-16A Albatross

Photos: Erik Simonič

Sunday, May 6, 2012


The skirt on me is a 100 times reused material. I was thinking how to make from that a desirable product so I thought about the artistic movement arte povera – “poor art”. I consider it as a forerunner of eco fashion and recycling.

Walking around the gallery of Pistoletto’s works at Cittadellarte, the artist points out his Venus of the Rags, 1967, a kitsch, glittering statue of a goddess enveloped by a dishevelled bundle of cloths. “It is the most representative work of arte povera as it brings together the beauty of the past and the disaster of the present,” says Pistoletto, who elaborates on the multiple messages inherent in the piece, alluding to the need to “follow nature, because nature is able to recycle everything. The work presents a practical solution for the future”.

Nikolina: skirt an attempt to improvise, jackets H&M and Stradivarius, tunic from the local designer-London, scarf s.Oliver
Photos: Erik Simonič