Sunday, March 20, 2011


One day me, Nikolina and Kim were on a drink after a long day at work, wondering how cool it would be to be rebels, rock chicks, playing in dark forgotten clubs,drinking beer, not showering, not sleeping, wearing the same clothes every day just  because we don't care, because we are rebels....what a life!!!
The problem is we are quite good girls. We can't drink too many beers and we need our beauty sleep. And we like changing our clothes, a lot, because we like fashion so much.
So we just played with that image for a day,  playing around with the microphone and the guitar in this humid heavy metal rehearsal room calling ourselfs GLAM ROCK CHICKS.

Nikolina: dress H&M, blazer by Urška
Urška: shirt from Camden, London
Kim: t-shirt Rare from ASOS, old skirt

Photos: Erik Simonič
Thanks the guys from the band Slavocracy for letting us use their place and their instruments

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I like the idea I could use it in other ways than just an ordinary skirt.
Kim is wearing a skirt in an old romantic way,but I prefer a more nonchalant look
in the Swedish ACNE or American Apparel style.

Kim: shirt H&M, skirt TOPSHOP
Nikolina: t-shirt American Apparel, shirt H&M, skirt TOPSHOP

Photos by Erik Simonic and Nikolina

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Empty streets,barking dogs,church bells ringing...
...watching stupid tv shows,drinking coffee,reading books.

Urška: dress Zara, cardigan H&M
Nikolina: blazer H&M, t-shirt Dorothy Perkins, boots Zara 
Old man: classic coat

Photos by: Erik Simonič 
                 and Nikolina

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Kdaj si me nazadnje vprašal,
kam se selim v svojih sanjah,
in kdaj povedal boš, zakaj
sem vrtnicam rezala cvetove
med mehkim mešanjem
poletnih barv?
Če dam ti spomin na kresnico
med zidovoma dvojih dlani,
povrneš mir?
Če ne sprašujem, odgovoriš,
kam se selim v svojih sanjah

in zakaj molčiš?
Miljana Cunta
Copyright:Študentska založba

Kim: dress and vest almost vintage, badges souvenirs from London

Styling by Urška
Photos by Nikolina