Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Nikolina: skirt Zara, blazer H&M, shirt River Island
Photos: Erik Simonič

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It is August. Snow still hasn't melted on mountain tops surrounding
Romsdalen valley and Trollstigen road here in Norway, and soon it's
going to snow again. Hard weather conditions in winter are making
roads almost impassable. In this inaccessible region center for
visitors of Trollstigen touristic route is situated. Wherever you look
there's water running around, and you can tell Norwegians never have
problems with water shortage. But still...

Water is collected into holding tanks, restrooms have vacuum toilettes
which spend only 1 liter per rinsing. That's conscientiousness. And I
wander... At home, we didn't have proper rain for more than six
months and even then people are washing their cars two times a week.

Center's architecture blends perfectly with its surroundings, it is
in harmony with nature mimicking mountain peaks. Buildings, walking
paths and observation deck are constructed out of concrete and steel,
standing the test of time and harsh weather. Textures are
interchanging.  Surfaces smooth like ice are replaced with rough ones
that remind of stone.

I am sitting in central building totally relaxed looking at my white
dress. Is it bringing disharmony in this architecture which mimics nature with its earthly colors and shapes?
And then I look up and see those snowy peaks dazzling me with their whiteness.

Nikolina: dress MTWTFSS WEEKDAY, vest Zara, slip-on TOPSHOP  
Photos: Darja Kralj 
            Erik Simonič