Friday, November 30, 2012


Sometimes I scare the crap out of me. These photos really remind me of the 1984 movie Children Of The Corn and it looks like I am one of them.  I didn't realize it, but the corn fields can be really scary. I usualy admire them in the summer, when the sunset  makes the color of the corn really golden yellow. But when the cold autumn days come, the corn loses its shape and the vibrant color becoming really depressing to look at.  No wonder there are so many horror movies where the main scenery is placed in the corn fields. Like this one mentioned above, made after a Steven King book Children Of The Corn. The story goes that the field is inhabited by a demonic entity called He Who Walks Behind The Rows and it controls the mind of the children that by its order kill people. And this corn field where we shoot , is located betweet the church and the cemetary. Creapy enough to make my own horror story in my head. I wonder if there was He Who Walks Behind The Rows closing every row of this cornfield behind me?!

Urška:   dress & bow by Urška
             sweater H&M
             coat Carolina Williamson vintage
             jeans QS by s.Oliver
             boot  purchased in OBI (a gift from my brother)

Photos: Erik Simonič

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Nikolina: skirt Zara, blazer H&M, shirt River Island
Photos: Erik Simonič

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It is August. Snow still hasn't melted on mountain tops surrounding
Romsdalen valley and Trollstigen road here in Norway, and soon it's
going to snow again. Hard weather conditions in winter are making
roads almost impassable. In this inaccessible region center for
visitors of Trollstigen touristic route is situated. Wherever you look
there's water running around, and you can tell Norwegians never have
problems with water shortage. But still...

Water is collected into holding tanks, restrooms have vacuum toilettes
which spend only 1 liter per rinsing. That's conscientiousness. And I
wander... At home, we didn't have proper rain for more than six
months and even then people are washing their cars two times a week.

Center's architecture blends perfectly with its surroundings, it is
in harmony with nature mimicking mountain peaks. Buildings, walking
paths and observation deck are constructed out of concrete and steel,
standing the test of time and harsh weather. Textures are
interchanging.  Surfaces smooth like ice are replaced with rough ones
that remind of stone.

I am sitting in central building totally relaxed looking at my white
dress. Is it bringing disharmony in this architecture which mimics nature with its earthly colors and shapes?
And then I look up and see those snowy peaks dazzling me with their whiteness.

Nikolina: dress MTWTFSS WEEKDAY, vest Zara, slip-on TOPSHOP  
Photos: Darja Kralj 
            Erik Simonič

Sunday, September 16, 2012


It’s hard to describe the feelings that overwhelmed me when I was standing in the cold, pure and untouched Norwegian highlands.  I was so besotted by the scenic beauty that I immediately wanted to become an ice queen. I have been dragging my dress through the endless, frozen desert land with a feeling of awe. And I’ve felt so small in my kingdom. Now I know why Norwegians have a close relation with their natural environment. The Norwegian guys wrote this song that in an epic way represents the atmosphere of the wilderness. At the same time of being lost within our own dark and cold thoughts.

Frozen and cold… an existence I do know…
In my kingdom cold I enter this condition
Open the gate… that’s a mountain of ice
Rising with the shadows… a cold world made for me
Black my mind... black my heart...
In my kingdom... I enter to my own world
Open the gate... of a mountain of dark
Rising with the shadows... a dark world made for me
In my kingdom cold…
At the mountains of madness
Unending grimness this kingdom it is mine…

Nikolina: dress an attempt to improvise (made from decorative curtain)
Photos: Darja Kralj 
            Erik Simonič

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Urška:  white shirt H&M, striped shirt vintage, skirt Promod, waistcoat by Urška, hat Promod.

Photos: Erik Simonič

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I finally found my “little black dress” after years of trying. My expectations were completely fulfilled. It has everything I wanted:
  • multi - function design  
  • dynamic cutting                                                 
  • gentle front draping effect
  • ensure the high comfort
  • perfect seams
  • 100% viscose
  • machine washable

But why does it feel like every time I look different in this dress? Some days I feel like Chalayan model (Spring 2011 Sakoku collection), then as an evil uniformed schoolgirl or as a bartender.

Nikolina: dress COS, shirt River Island, belt Promod, worn - out sandals TOPSHOP
Photos: Erik Simonič

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I read a lot about how dolls seem to attract spirits and they are often the couses of the most terrifying haunted events if you try to own their space, whitch is the house. Stories about haunted houses. And they are usually hounted by this dolls that are on display or an object to play with.
When the owners leave the house, they leave some objects, they dont need anymore, behind. Like an old doll left sitting on a bed. The doll has been  an object to a little child for playing for so long  and she is now forgotten. But the doll wants to keep playing. So she becomes alive and now wonders around the house looking for her playmate. And eventually she becomes the only owner of the house and if you try to move into the house, she will get angry and she will hount you in the night.

Urška:    dress QS by s.Oliver
              jeans jacket by Urška
              top H&M
              shoes Blowfish

Photos:   Erik Simonič

Friday, June 15, 2012


Here I am again trying to look like Patti. Not trying, just liking this look so much. And feeling so good in clothes that have an absolute absence  of colors, looking like they've been washed at 90 degrees in a washingmascine for hundred times. With my hair all Keith Richards style, my face looking like I' ve been up for 10 days without sleep. The look that says I don't give a damn obout your expectations  of how I should look in your fucked up society. It's from people like Patti and rok'n'roll fellows like Keith that I learned to be  the way I feel to be and to Go your own way like the Fleetwood Mac song says.  That is why I feel so close to the androgynous »give me some money« look. It just doesn't answer questions to society or it doesn't give the expected ones.

Urška:  shirt H&M
            Tom Waits t-shirt (internet store)
            Jeans  Bershka
            Vest Zara
            Shoes H&M

Photos: Erik Simonič

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I often walk these steps and I realise that they make me think of
breaking their geometry and trying to be in harmony with them at the
same time. I could say that I dressed the way I dressed only because
of them. Sometimes I go with something minimal, pure lines and
androgynous look and other times I turn to excessive drapery and
femininity, but never being able to tune in with them. Finally, one
Sunday in Urska's boxes filled with textiles I found this forgotten
piece waiting to become a shirt.

Suddenly, I remembered Yamamoto's 1994.-1995. Autumn/Winter collection
which was inspired by kimono. Oh yes, I want my kimono. To use
japanese vizual heritage and to wrap this right shade of grey with
some black. It immediatelly made me think about harmony and steps,
that I said loudly: "Urska, I must go on these steps.  Call Erik".

Nikolina: cross-over drape top COS, dress an attempt to improvise, slip-on TOPSHOP
Photos: Erik Simonič

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Urška: shirt by me
            shirt Stradivarius
            vest H&M and »tie« H&M
            trousers Zara
            shoes Blowfish
            coat Mura vintage
Behind me:  original G-64/HU-16A Albatross

Photos: Erik Simonič