Friday, September 30, 2011


»Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once!«

I bought this trench coat in a second hand market. It is an vintage MURA coat.  Love it, great cut and quality. As soon as I put it on, Nikolina said that I reminded her of Michelle from the TV series Allo'Allo. And whenever she seas me in this coat she quotes to me the very famose frase from the leader of the French Resistance Michelle.

Urška: coat MURA vintage, trousers H&M, shoes Blowfish
Photos: Nikolina Komel

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm trying to find myself with every new trend. After an unsuccessful search I turn my back and see how lucky I am this season.
Dots are the easiest way to wear for me this season because I grew up with them. In the photos above my dots seem somehow ordinary. I want to hallucinate as Yayoi Kusama and create infinity like she did (see the last photo).

Nikolina: dress H&M, pants Zara, blouse Miss Selfridge, bag s.Oliver
Photos: Erik Simonič and Matjaž Komel

Friday, September 16, 2011


This monument in Italy is an imposing cube of pillars on a hill. With the contribution of the sun it makes some fantastic grey geometry inside the cube. It is a big box full of straight shadows and I am the one softening it with a little bit of white soft shadows on my blouse.

Urška: blouse and trousers made by Urška, shoes Cube.
Photos: Erik Simonič

Monday, September 12, 2011


She dries flowers in the middle of The waves 
It's not sure for whom. Is it mal d' amour? 
She doesn't like to die but it gives her taste of paradise. 
She demands it now. 
To get it now. 
She enjoys sparkles at night. 
Her sun is gray and her moon is brown. 
She is a recluse groping in her heart. 
She is not sure what she's going to find. 
Is your joy among angels? 
Her peace and quiet scream very loud. 
The wind has come to her heart. 
She is sick of a dialogue in one. 
She's wondering: "Am I mad?" 
Dreams of being a rose to adore are sure not for her. 
Sometimes you need so little to revive the illusive belief. 
Someday will all fade away and she hopes, and she hopes... 
Someday will all fade away and she waits, and she waits... 

"I don't want to die."
                                                              (Entreat, Deincubation)

Nikolina: skirt Zara, blouse asos
Photos: Erik Simonič

Monday, September 5, 2011


I like clothes that help you dance. Clothes that follow your every move. Like when you raise an arm they gently slip down your shoulder. Or when you lean over, the dress takes a shape of her own. Or a big skirt that helps you with your balance when you make a turn and you feel like a ballet dancer even if you are not. Have you ever tried that? Maybe not if you are a guy.

Urška: t-shirt Zara, skirt vintage, sweater from a local designer from Berlin, boots Zara
Photos: Erik Simonič