Sunday, September 16, 2012


It’s hard to describe the feelings that overwhelmed me when I was standing in the cold, pure and untouched Norwegian highlands.  I was so besotted by the scenic beauty that I immediately wanted to become an ice queen. I have been dragging my dress through the endless, frozen desert land with a feeling of awe. And I’ve felt so small in my kingdom. Now I know why Norwegians have a close relation with their natural environment. The Norwegian guys wrote this song that in an epic way represents the atmosphere of the wilderness. At the same time of being lost within our own dark and cold thoughts.

Frozen and cold… an existence I do know…
In my kingdom cold I enter this condition
Open the gate… that’s a mountain of ice
Rising with the shadows… a cold world made for me
Black my mind... black my heart...
In my kingdom... I enter to my own world
Open the gate... of a mountain of dark
Rising with the shadows... a dark world made for me
In my kingdom cold…
At the mountains of madness
Unending grimness this kingdom it is mine…

Nikolina: dress an attempt to improvise (made from decorative curtain)
Photos: Darja Kralj 
            Erik Simonič