Friday, April 20, 2012


Looking at this skirt, rich in volume and so strong in its cut that deformes even a strict man shirt,  I asked myself, what is about asymmetry and deconstruction  that attractes me so much.  Like in architecture,  abandoned and decaying houses made out of wood and stone always catch my eye. Same in fashion. when I see clothes that are asymmetric, unfinished and layered, I stare at them and search where is the begining and the end of the fabric and how it is all put together. Where does the fabric go, what is underneath. And although it may seem unfinished and oversized and sometimes looks like a homeless person cloth, it is rich because of its story and because all of the fabric that is used to make a such a peace. It must be the mistery of each individual decontructive garment that makes it so atractive.

Urška: shirt vintage
           skirt improvised
           jacket H&M
           shoes H&M 
           umbrella Ikea

Photos: Erik Simonič

1 comment:

  1. meni je v dekonstruktivizmu zanimiva prav ta zgodba k stoji za vsakim kosom oblacila. mislim na yamamota k uporablja modo kako bi proizvajal anti-modo s katero je dekonstruiral zahodna oblacila.
    ali na margielu. obleke premaze z bakterijama k se hitro razgradijo in tako pokaze cikel razgradnje.
    kawakubo pod obleko namesti polnjene oblike, tako dobi novo silueto in podvomi v obicajno estetiko.

    a mi lahko sesijes tako krilo kot na fotkah???