Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I should probably talk about this Mango dress that pops out with bright colors in stripes, but I guess it speaks for itself. The main star here is the hat. It's an old man's hat made by slovenian craftsmen that produce staff made of wood and straw and you can buy it at the marketplace. I saw my mother's neigbour wear it in the garden and I thought that this hat has to meet my new dress. So I borrowed it. With the tradition that this hat has, gives the dress a more retro look. And Nikolina also loaned me a brooch (whitch used to be a ring) made by Irena (Oh, Henry!). I love this brooch! It's new, but it has this sence of design that takes you back in time.

Urška: dress Mango, belt H&M, hat Suha roba, brooch by Irena (, shoes Biaggini
Photos: Erik Simonič

Thursday, July 14, 2011


This is a 25 years old dress I got from Irena, that she inherited from her grandmother. Irena has a house full of vintage clothing. I always find an excuse to visit her, only to jointly review those wonderful pieces of clothing. Some of those pieces you can see here:
I don't have only fetish for old bikes but also for old clothes. Urška, this dress is even younger than me.

Nikolina: trousers H&M, dress vintage, belt Zara
Photos: Erik Simonič

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Everytime Nikolina seas a bike that is older than her, she wants to get some photos of it. She usualy takes pictures of a bike and the details alone, but this time she pushed me into the picture saying something like »you have this white 70's inspired shirt that would go beautifly with the bike. Go sit on it!«. So we asked the owner, a very nice man sitting just a few metters away, if he could let us use his random scenography with his bike...Mr. Wilfried, thanks again!

Urška: blouse Zara, trousers Zara, belt H&M
Photos: Erik Simonič