Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I read a lot about how dolls seem to attract spirits and they are often the couses of the most terrifying haunted events if you try to own their space, whitch is the house. Stories about haunted houses. And they are usually hounted by this dolls that are on display or an object to play with.
When the owners leave the house, they leave some objects, they dont need anymore, behind. Like an old doll left sitting on a bed. The doll has been  an object to a little child for playing for so long  and she is now forgotten. But the doll wants to keep playing. So she becomes alive and now wonders around the house looking for her playmate. And eventually she becomes the only owner of the house and if you try to move into the house, she will get angry and she will hount you in the night.

Urška:    dress QS by s.Oliver
              jeans jacket by Urška
              top H&M
              shoes Blowfish

Photos:   Erik Simonič


  1. uau, kakšna lokacija! super fotke, kot ponavadi.

  2. oh, wow!! kje ste se to slikali?

  3. Those hair buns are so cute!