Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I often walk these steps and I realise that they make me think of
breaking their geometry and trying to be in harmony with them at the
same time. I could say that I dressed the way I dressed only because
of them. Sometimes I go with something minimal, pure lines and
androgynous look and other times I turn to excessive drapery and
femininity, but never being able to tune in with them. Finally, one
Sunday in Urska's boxes filled with textiles I found this forgotten
piece waiting to become a shirt.

Suddenly, I remembered Yamamoto's 1994.-1995. Autumn/Winter collection
which was inspired by kimono. Oh yes, I want my kimono. To use
japanese vizual heritage and to wrap this right shade of grey with
some black. It immediatelly made me think about harmony and steps,
that I said loudly: "Urska, I must go on these steps.  Call Erik".

Nikolina: cross-over drape top COS, dress an attempt to improvise, slip-on TOPSHOP
Photos: Erik Simonič


  1. Lepa kompozicija, vse štima :D!

  2. prekrasno sve!
    i ambijent, kao neka do beskonacnosti multiplicirana struktura/tekstura u pozadini.
    slip-on cipelice su mi odlicne :)

  3. Love the way you have put this ensemble together and the back drop...perfect.

  4. Love the way you have put this ensemble together and the back drop...perfect.

  5. uvijek kad posjetim vaš blog osjecam se sretno. ovo je prekrasno. sretna sam :) !
    hvala vam!

    1. sad sam i ja sretna zbog komentara :)
      hvala ti!

  6. Sanjski outfit post, nekaj več. Bravo.

  7. Wow ti to res oblečeš za med ljudi ali samo za fotoshooting? ker če je samo za fotoshoot.. brezeveze...

    1. prehodila 1/3 mesta. tezko je hodit. odpravljam funkcionalne tezave :)

  8. Beautiful draping if not somewhat confusing. Trying to work out exactly how you've twisted these pieces together. The effect is incredible.