Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I love the idea of unisex transformable look. Oh, I admire you, Rad.

Runway Addict(R.A): Greetings Rad, what brought this idea of strongly to imbue your collection where both sexes can wear your designs?
Rad Hourani: I don’t see why do we need to divide things by gender, seasons, rules, religion, race, nationality, age etc ? I think that as a society, we’ve been extremely programmed. Even the most advanced societies are very limited in the way they define themselves. The way I do things without gender or season, it applies to everything in life. It’s about defying those limitations that are so often self imposed. (http://www.runway-addict.com/post/11619473359/radhouraniinterview)
Nikolina: shirt vintage, t -shirt and blazer Zara 
Photos: Erik Simonič


  1. Really like and agree with the statement!

    1. http://www.radhourani.com/pages/about

  2. I love Androgyny too. Lovely blazer, i must check Zara for this...wonder if comes in black.