Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So I put on my hat, I put on my new shoes that look more old that any of the shoes I have at home,  and I look at myself and think: »Well, there is quite a lot of elements of Tom Waits look in this outfit«.The washed black color of the pants and the hat and the shoes.
Coincidence? Or just the fact that I adore him and sometimes I unknowingly choose clothes similar to his. Even thouh I don't think that Mr.Waits gives a shi... about fashion. And speaking of this great songwriter, I just put down some quick answers that he gave in an interview that capture his sense of humor whitch I think it's hilarious.

On what occasion do you lie?
TW: Who needs an occasion.

When and where were you happiest?
TW: Ninetheen sixty-three, 1 A.M., washing dishes on a Saturday night in the kitchen of Napoleone Pizza House, 619 National Avenue, National City, California.

What do you regard the lowest depth of misery?
TW: The floor just below that.

What is your most marked characteristic?
TW: My ability to discuss, in depth, a book I've never read.

                                                                       (Tom Waits, The collected interviews)

Urška: blouse, sweater, pants, hat H&M, jacket Pull & Bear, scarf s.Oliver, cardigan by Urška, shoes Amisu.
Photos: Erik Simonič


  1. Komaj čakam vajine objave. Slike so res, vedno, najlepše. Pa plašč je sploh zakon na prvih treh slikah. =D

  2. Ma Klemen, ti si naš velik podpornik, kaku lepu! Po novem pa še PR...haha...sam čakamo, kdaj bo kakšna položnica pršla! Lep pozdrav! :-)