Wednesday, April 27, 2011


One day my mother and I went to the city. She’s wearing blue women’s suit like ticket inspectors on the city bus. When we entered the bus people panicky began to leave the bus. I started to yell: She is not the ticket inspector. Everyone in the bus started to laugh. Oh what a shame. After that my mother never put on that blue costume.
My mother was obsessed with yellow so most of my childhood I was dressed in yellow. Now I hate this color except mustard yellow.
Red reminds of red stars we were wearing on our pioneer hats while we were singing communists songs. We didn’t understand what they were about but we even didn’t care about it. I just wanted to play whit my red Ferrari my uncle gave me for birthday.
These three colors marked my childhood.

Nikolina: dress H&M, cardigan: Miss Selfridge, blazer: Promod, clutch bag: H&M, shoes: Deichmann
Photos: Erik Simonič

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  1. the next day I saw a woman in blue suit on the bus I thought it was your mum but I got caught by the ticket inspector....damn!!!

    from that day I avoid dressing in blue. just black!
    ....and of course I never travel without a ticket anymore :)